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Sip & See: A Meet & Greet For Your New Baby



A Sip & See is a great way to introduce your baby to the world!  It can take the place of a traditional baby shower, or can be thrown by the new parents as a way to formally introduce their baby to family and friends.

Use a traditional birth announcement to invite your guests, such as this one from Tiny Prints.  The picture will give everyone a sneak peak of the darling baby they are about to meet.   Schedule your open house mid-afternoon, so that your guests won’t be expecting a full meal.  Since the party will be taking place at your home, focus your decorations on a few key places….the front door, a food table, and the baby!

Hang a beautiful,  floral wreath on your front door to welcome your guests.  Have a table set up when people enter the room with a stack of notecards, a cup full of pens and a scrapbook.  Guests can write a personal note welcoming the baby, offer words of advice, and congratulate the family.  The notecards can be placed into the scrapbook as a wonderful memento for the child in years to come.  I think it would be cute to take this one step further, and use personalized notecards (you could even order double the amount and use them for thank you notes, too!).

Set up a buffet table with a few small bites and some bubbly!  Since this party is definitely geared more towards adults, use the color of champagne as your inspiration and set a sophisticated table in shades of white, gold and silver…with an emphasis on shimmer!  Line the center of your table with candlesticks filled with shimmered candles in gold and ivory, set out stacks of appetizer plates, gold cocktail napkins, and champagne flutes.  (Quick tip: if you don’t want to serve your champagne in plastic glasses, invest in a set of inexpensive flutes….you will use them time and time again!)

sip & see baby shower table setting

The Sip & See is wonderful party idea – and you can adapt it to so many different themes.  Baby Showers are typically limited to a woman’s first baby, but a  Sip & See can be held to introduce baby number  1, 2, 3 or 10!

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September 4th, 2009 |

A Colorful Children’s Birthday Party

This colorful birthday party was posted over at Project Nursery yesterday….so cute, I just had to share it with you!

colorful childrens birthday party

If your little girl is getting to that age where a princess party, or a “theme party” is just too babyish….try throwing a birthday party focused around a particular color palette.  Bright colors, fresh patterns….the combination has the makings for an adorable, yet “grown-up” birthday party!

Today, let’s talk about an orange and hot pink color palette.  Bright, festive and what little girl doesn’t love those colors?!

Invite your daughter’s guests with this darling invitation from Tiny Prints.  The colors work perfectly for our party inspiration, and I love how it pulls pattern into the mix.  To add an unexpected element to the party, ask all of the guests to dress in the pop colors.

Create a festive party space with hot pink and orange round lanterns, striped lanterns, balloons, and colorful centerpieces.  I love the use of gerber daisies in the picture above…..adorable used in a full bunch, but also try adding a little flair to a basic candlestick.  Punching a hole thru the middle of a silk daisy, and place it at the base of a candlestick.  Slide your taper candle thru the hole, and voila!  To add a touch of pattern to this table setting, use a variety of patterned melamine plates.  Unbreakable, re-usable, and totally cute!  Play into the “color” part of this concept and tie a small pack of crayons to each napkin, and place a tiny coloring book at each girls place at the table.

To add a “grown up” detail to dessert, dress up your daughter’s birthday cake with a pink candelabra candle!  Instead of sending the guests home with a traditional goodie bag filled with party favors, present your favors in small boxes.  Wrap them with bright orange paper, tie with a hot pink bow, and attach a personalized sticker that says “thanks for coming to my party” (the sticker matches the invitation, of course!)

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Creative Packaging: Fruit

Fruit Tags

I love this idea from Alpha Mom – dress up your fruit for a little laugh and a whole lot of fun.  Perfect for those back-to-school lunches, or grouped together for a cute centerpiece for a child’s birthday party or baby shower.  Click here to download the free template.

September 2nd, 2009 |

REAL PARTY: Doll-Inspired Sweet Soiree

I have an adorable party to share with you today….it was sent to me from Laura of Sweet Soiree in San Antonio, Texas.  Her friend asked her to create a doll-inspired party for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Here was her inspiration:

Sweet Soiree Doll Party InspirationAnd here is what she came up with!

How darling is this?!  Laura used this colorful invitation from Tiny Prints that pictured the birthday girl holding her favorite doll. When she starting planning the sweet table, she took her color inspiration from a picture of vintage saucers she found on – pink, lime green and yellow.

If you are in need of a “sweet soiree” and in the San Antonio area, definitely give Laura a call!  If not, Laura was nice enough to share her resources (see list below) for the items she used to create this party….in hopes that it would inspire you to create one of your own!

doll inspired birthday party

Resources: invitation (, chocolates (Kooper’s Chocolate), lollipops (Hammond’s Candies), doll cake toppers (Goose Grease via, sign (Seven Cupcakes via, fabric (, macaroons (, photographs (

August 21st, 2009 |

Owl Themed Child’s Birthday Party

owl themed birthday party

Don’t you just love those first signs of Fall?!  The rich autumn colors, the chunky sweaters, and a whole new season worth of parties to plan!

Let’s kick this season off with an owl-themed birthday party, perfect for a little boy or girl.  Invite your guests with this cheerful invitation from Tiny Prints, and decorate your party space with bright, autumn colors.

When you are entertaining a bunch of children for a couple hours, activities and crafts are an absolute must!  Since it is back-to-school time, this is a fun craft that the kids will enjoy using at school:  Set up a craft table with pre-cut felt shapes, pencils, glue and tiny buttons (for the owl’s eyes).  Have each child glue together 3 different pencil toppers – an owl, a mushroom and an acorn – and tie them together with a cute ribbon for them to take home.  (You could also attach these felt shapes onto toothpicks and use them as cupcake toppers) For a more detailed tutorial, check out Whimsy-Girl.

The highlight of the party will definitely be these charming owl cupcakes!  Start with a chocolate iced cupcake, add a couple of oreo halves cream side up, two junior mints for eyes, and a Runts banana candy for the nose.  So cute, and perfect for our Fall theme!

When the party comes to an end, send the kids home with their “bouquet” of pencils and a goodie bag!  Dress up cellophane bags full of candy with scrapbook paper to look like owls.  For a more details idea, check out

Images: owl invitation (, kids (, cupcakes (, dishes (

August 21st, 2009 |

Kid-Friendly, Party-Ready Snacks

kid friendly snacks

Whether you are planning the menu for a kid’s birthday party, or coming up with a creative snack for a playdate….finding snack ideas that are not only healthy, but that your kids are going to want to eat….it’s not easy!

Parent’s Magazine came up with these 4 ideas….and they are sure to get rave reviews from all of your little critics!

Back to School at The Land of Nod

August 17th, 2009 |

Baby Shower: Pretty Pink Polka Dots

baby shower pretty pink polka dots

If you are throwing a baby shower for a woman that is ALL girl – this idea is for you!  Pretty, pink, and full of polka dots and flowers!

I love this invitation from Minted!  It fits in perfectly with our girly pink theme….but would also be adorable for a cupcake theme shower.  Instead of decorating with your typical baby shower items, such as baby shoes, bottles and pacifiers….I’m going to go a different route….a more sophisticated route, if you will!  Take away a couple of “baby” details, and this party idea could be a beautiful brunch or birthday party!

I want flowers to be a part of all of my decorations.  Centerpieces of pink and orange blooms, and even a floral topper on top of the diaper cake.  (Ever wonder how to make a diaper cake?!  Click here for detailed instructions). Beautiful flower wreaths on doors or hanging in front of windows.  Wreaths can be a stunning addition to any room or party.  Fresh flower versions are wonderful, but if you make the wreaths yourself using faux flowers, you can really customize the wreath to your specific theme (and re-use them!).  Save-on-Crafts has a great selection of both Styrofoam and wire wreath forms to get you started….

When it comes to setting the table, use shades of pink to create this festive table.  Finding the perfect pattern tablecloth is not always easy.  So, pull out that sewing machine and make your own!  Your local craft store is a great resource for patterned fabrics.  Don’t have a sewing machine?!  There is a no-sew option…use pinking shears to give the edge a decorative look.  Pink cloth napkins, champagne glasses and a darling placecard…’s all you need to wow your guests.

Try something new for your dessert….these tiny square cakes are cute and preppy and so easy to do!  Make individual cupcakes for your guests using a square muffin pan.  If you want to make them taller, you can always use two layers of cake.  Decorate them with a couple of different colors and patterns that coordinate with your theme.  If you plan on serving a different dessert during the party, these square cupcakes could make a darling party favor too!

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August 13th, 2009 |

Two by Two: A Noah’s Arc Baby Shower

noahs arc baby shower

This baby shower was featured yesterday over at the F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Project Nursery….it was my first “contributor” post for them!  So exciting!  But, this baby shower turned out so cute….I had to share it with you too!

When throwing a baby shower for a woman expecting twins, take inspiration from Noah’s Arc! Baby showers tend to get a little cheesy and cutesy for my taste.  But modern animal silhouettes and a sophisticated color palette will create an updated-looking event full of style.

Invite your guests with this darling invitation from Tiny Prints.  Darling for 1 baby or 2 – but if you are throwing the party for twins, don’t forget to tell your guests to bring gifts “two by two!”

Decorate your space in shades of green, with pops of melon, pale blue and mustard yellow.  Hang colored lanterns above your food table in all of your pop colors….throw in a green polka dot lantern or two for a touch of pattern.  Use a solid colored table cloth, white plates and napkins.  For a modern place setting, create a silverware envelope with your napkin, place on your plate and tie together with a skinny pattern ribbon.   Use a few small, potted grass plants for your centerpiece on the table, and scattered throughout the party space.  If you want to dress them up a bit, add a ring of daisies around the grass.  To do this, simply snip the daisy head from the stem (leaving approximately a 1″ stem), and place a long pin thru the head of the flower (this will make it stronger when you stick it into the plant).  Add a playful touch to your centerpiece by placing a few plush animals in between your grass plants.  These darling animals from Land of Nod are perfect for the party, and will be a welcome addition to the baby’s nursery after the party (monkey, giraffe, lion).

A few ideas for your food: Ladies like to chat at these parties, not eat a heavy meal!  Keep your menu light, but throw in a couple of small touches to carry out your theme.  If you plan on having a cheese plate, arrange some crackers and fruit as you typically would….but then use mini cookie cutters to cut your cheese slices into the  shapes of animals.  For dessert, serve mini cupcakes with animal silhouettes made out of chocolate on top.  You can buy chocolate in different colors at your local craft store to make your animals coordinate with your color palette.

For a cute party favor, try buying a pack of animal cookie cutters and give each guest one tied with a bow.

I love this party for it’s clean animal silhouettes and modern color palette!

Images: invitation (, cupcakes (, place setting (, grass plant centerpiece (, plush animals (

August 11th, 2009 |

Princess Tea Party

princess tea party

Ah, to be “princess” for a day…..what could be better?!  To be the “princess” hosting the “tea party”, that’s what!

A tea party is the perfect theme for a little girl’s birthday party.  It’s pink, it’s whimsical, and it’s oh, so easy to do….

Invite your guests to the royal tea party with this darling invitation from Minted.  Decorate with pink balloons, a polka dotted cake and plan a couple great activities.  Start with “decorate-your-own-tiara“.  I found this great kit thru Birthday in a Box.  It includes foam tiaras and rhinestones – so the kids can go to town decorating.  Oh, don’t forget to have princess wands for each of your guests!  Have the kids hit this castle pinata to see what comes out – instead of just candy, add in some small toys such as little bracelets, hair bows, and candy necklaces.

After you sing “Happy Birthday” and have your cake and ice cream, send the kids home with this adorable goodie bag.   It includes a flower straw, a pearl necklace, bubbles, body glitter and tea party stickers.

Princess Tea Party Activity

Images: candy (, invitation (, tea party goodie bag (, magic wands (, cake (, tea party (

August 5th, 2009 |

Back-to-School Kid-Friendly Bash

Back to school bash (small)Summer is going to end before we know it and soon you will be back into your school year schedule.  Host one last backyard bash before school starts to celebrate the end of summer with your kids.  The kids will be thrilled with just a table full of goodies and a yard to run around in.  So while the kids are occupied, entertain the parents with a casual dinner.

Use the back-to-school theme and run with it!  Cover your table with a long piece of black butcher block paper, and draw on placemats with a white pencil or paint pen.  Or cut out individual placemats from the black paper.  It will look like a chalkboard!  And if you add in each person’s name….it will double as your placecard, too.  Keep your centerpiece simple, line the center of the table with simple flowers such as daisies and tulips.  Use different types of vases – bowls, small vases, even glass mason jars, or glass milk bottles – to keep the look casual.

If you are looking for ideas for a menu – try a bread salad with tomatoes, lemon and cucumbers, buttermilk fried chicken, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and an old-fashioned latticed cherry pie.

Back to school bash food
Set up a kids table using the same black paper as a topper.  Instead of drawing on placemats, draw out ruled lines and letters to make it look like a handwriting lesson.  Provide the kids with plenty of easy-to-eat snacks….something they can grab on the run.  My vote would be for mini hot dogs, pb & j sandwiches (cut out in a cute shape, of course), cookies and rice crispy treats.

Casual, cheery, and fun for all….this back-to-school backyard bash is the perfect send-off to summer!

Images: kids (, table (, cookies and rice crispy treats (, mini hot dogs (

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