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fondant easter bunny tutorial from lynlee's petite cakesI’m starting to think about Easter around here….the pastel colors, the little touches of Easter eggs and bunnies are starting to creep onto the tables and it’s just the breath of fresh Spring air that is needed right about now.  I’m thrilled to share a darling tutorial with you today from Lynlee of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes.  Do you remember the bunny push-up pops from the Easter party Lynlee styled for the magazine last Spring?  They took the web by storm, and this year, we talked her into sharing ideas with you for creating a fondant Easter bunny that could be used in push-up pops, or on top of cupcakes.  The step-by-step tutorial she provided for the Spring 2013 issue of The Party Dress magazine is simple enough that even I am going to try it!

fondant easter bunny tutorial

Materials Needed:

white, pink and black fondant  |  rolling pin  |  large and small leaf cutters  |  round tip (in this case, Wilton tips 12)  |  modeling stick and knife tools  |  food safe brush and water  |  raw spaghetti  |  white soft gel paste & toothpick  |  push up container, crushed Oreos & chocolate pudding

Roll some white fondant into a ball and shape the top narrower with your fingers.

Roll out white and pink fondant and cut out two each with large and small leaf cutters respectively. Use water to glue pink over white and indent with modeling stick. Insert small piece of raw spaghetti into ears and glue into the head.

fondant easter bunny tutorial

Roll out pink fondant and use larger tip to cut out a circle. Pinch one side and use the knife to indent the other side to create a heart and glue onto face. Roll out black fondant, cut out two small circles for the eyes. Utilize the toothpick to dip into white gel paste and “dot” the eyes.

Roll two small white fondant balls for the hands. With the knife tool, make three indentations for fingers. Turn it upside down and make an indentation with the modeling stick. Place on push up container to mold.

Fill push up container with pudding and crushed Oreos and finish it off by adding the bunny head and hands! You can vary the ears and eyes so the bunnies are looking in different directions.

fondant easter bunny push up pops

Simple, right?  And oh, so charming!  Thank you, Lynlee, for sharing this darling tutorial with us!

To order your copy of the Spring 2013 The Party Dress Magazine, click HERE.



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