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easter egg centerpiece By the time Easter rolls around each year, I’m looking for unique ways to decorate my home and table with color.  This year, I decided I wanted to come up with a unique way of displaying my Easter eggs, and this centerpiece is just the ticket!  I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I have a surplus of cake stands around my house (hence my product line, Cake Plate Clings).  I gathered up a few to play with, including a new bunny cake stand from Pottery Barn, and came up with this project.

easter egg centerpiece Supplies:

Cake Stand (s)  |  Glass Dome (s)  |  Dyed Easter Eggs  |  Ribbon (I used Midori gingham ribbon)  |  Glue Dots


Holding your glass dome upside down, fill it carefully with an assortment of colors of dyed Easter eggs.  My large dome took about 4 dozen eggs to fill up, the small one below held about 8 eggs.  Once it is full, place your upside down cake stand on top of the dome opening and together, carefully flip right-side-up.  Wrap ribbon around the base of the glass dome, securing it with glue dots.

easter egg centerpiece on bunny cake standorder a copy of the Spring 2013 The Party Dress Magazine

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  • Marie

    Don’t you love Midori. They have the best quality ribbons in the world. I always get compliments about all my packaging. You know, dress to impress, well wrap to impress, hahahaha.
    Great company for sure, they always took care of me as a customer and I recommend them, especially I’m french. :) Style style style, love it.