January 3rd, 2013 |

Winter White Florals

As I begin the process of taking down our Christmas decorations, I am taking a quick peek around to see if there is anything that I can re-interpret into “winter” decor vs “holiday” decor.  Paper whites and white amaryllis plants are a great option.  I love having fresh flowers in our home all of the time, but especially once the Christmas decor comes down and everything looks bare.

I love the modern interpretation of these typically classic arrangements – the amaryllis mixed with boxwood and pinecones, and the cluster of small paper whites arrangements.  Which is your favorite?

Images: amaryllis (link no longer available, found via pinterest), paperwhites (stylemepretty.com)

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1 comment to Winter White Florals

  • I agree that using white (and I have to add gold and silver in) is a great way to transfer “holiday” decor to “winter” decor. I just hate how bare my home looks after the new year as well! Most of my Christmas stuff is red and green (handed down from my mom), but I just might be moving toward a more…glamorous look next year :)