April 23rd, 2012 |

The Resurgence of the Candelabra

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous tablesetting….we all know this!  But lately I have found myself totally in love with the addition of glass or crystal candelabras.  Popular years ago, featured on opulent tables, or as accessories in formal homes.  For some reason, the candelabra somewhat disappeared in recent years.

I think it’s time for a comeback.  You?!

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2 comments to The Resurgence of the Candelabra

  • I think it is time for a comeback because that table setting is GORGEOUS with them! I love how the flowers look with them as well and having simple glasses and plates makes it look perfect and not over the top.

  • Anna

    I have always loved candalabras and I think they never go out of style. You can do them, classicly elegant or chic & funky. Every table needs some bling in my opinion.