December 22nd, 2011 |

DIY Cork Hanging Decoration

Whether you are looking for a last minute holiday decoration or are an avid wine drinker….this DIY project is for you!  Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy came up with this creative use for corks and I think it would make a great decoration for any cocktail party!  Read on for the DIY instructions from Virginia:


1 10” diameter Styrofoam ball

Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks

10” thin metal

Tons of corks

Rope and/or metal chains


  1. Pierce ball through with thin metal wire until it passes opposite side. Tie one end in knot to secure, and pull back through until knot is firmly stuck at bottom
  2. Start anywhere on the ball and in a single line begin gluing corks to Styrofoam. Place plenty of glue on the bottom of the cork and then stick cork to the ball. Make sure to hold down for a moment to ensure glue is cooling. I suggest doing one long row half way around the ball.
  3. Begin second row of corks slightly off-line with beginning row, making sure to place corks in crevices of two corks
  4. Continue in this pattern so no large spaces are visible. Each row off centered from the previous one, slide in the crevices.
  5. Work one side of ball and then once dry, turn ball over to complete opposite side.
  6. When complete, make a hook with the straight metal and secure to your rope or chain.
  7. Hang at will.


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