July 18th, 2011 |

Veggie Dip: Re-Styled

Eddie Ross is one of my go-to sites for entertaining inspiration.  I love how he often thinks outside of the box when it comes to staging, serving or displaying traditional, simple items.  This time, however, it was his thinking INSIDE the box that has me excited.  Veggie dip – it’s a known favorite at any summer gathering.  But how do you make it look appealing, look more exciting than your traditional chip ‘n dip plate?!

I’m LOVING how Eddie displayed his veggie dip here – using berry baskets to house veggies, a lettuce head to house the dip, and {what looks like} a galvanized tray to house everything – it has modernized the veggie dip.  Pure genius!

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3 comments to Veggie Dip: Re-Styled

  • Oh~my Goodness!
    I am totally creating this the next time I entertain!
    I always struggle with what to put out when the guest are arriving.
    This is PERFECT!
    Pinning this to my board!
    LOVE it!
    Popped over from Amy’s blog!

  • This is really cute, I didn’t even realize the dip was inside the lettuce head until I took a good look. Very nice use of resources!


  • lucie

    I think the dip is inside a cabbage not a lettuce.