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Parties by WH Hostess: Francesca’s Bake Shoppe II

I hoped you enjoyed the details of Francesca’s Bake Shoppe birthday party this morning!  I’m back now with all of the yummy details of her “bake shoppe” cookie dessert table.  First, let me start off by saying that when I initially helped Francesca’s mom come up with the concept/plan for this table, I never imagined it would turn out THIS CUTE!  The stand itself was made by Grand Soirées Event Design & Coordination, with a custom stripe fabric awning.  The front was decorated with a coordinating pennant banner that said “bake shoppe”.

Gallon cookie jars were accessorized with coordinating paper liners, cookie jar tags and ribbon, and each held a different type of cookie.  French macaroons, chocolate-covered {with pink polka dots} oreos, sugar cookies in the shape of “1”, jam-filled cookies and more…..  Wooden tongs were placed in front of each jar for easy serving.  To give the back row of cookie jars a boost up, and give the table a new dimension, a moss-covered riser was placed in the center and held both the jars and a DARLING tiered cake.

Guests went home with take out boxes full of cookies and the kiddos also took home a tin of bubbles {accessorized with a custom label}.  I love how she tied in the moss from the dessert table by lining her lucite trays with it!

Photography by Nicole Parker

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21 comments to Parties by WH Hostess: Francesca’s Bake Shoppe II

  • It is so hard to say what I would make with this. It does so many awesome things. I would like to make party goods, appearal, paper goods, scrapbooking, etching somethings would be cool and vinyl letters. I have been wanting this machine for a very long time. I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be the new owner of the Shilouette! I promise to share my goodies if I am the winner. :) Thanks, Ashley

  • Justina

    Likewise, I have pinning for one of these for a while, of course love the vinyl decorations; but I can well imagine that our clothes are going to take on a “new look”! Thank you for all the inspiration you have offered over the years. AM loving the new magazine.

  • Maureen

    Hi – I’d probably start with a card of some sort to break myself in. And then who knows! So much potential. I really like the etched glasses. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

    PS. For some reason the site took me to the cake comments rather than the Shilouette comments. Hopefully this comment here counts. Thanks!

  • Maryam

    I absolutely love throwing parties and making the crafts to coordinate, and the Silhouette would really take all of those party crafts to another level… They would start looking more like the awesome events Kelly puts together! Thanks for your blog, magazine, and shop, Kelly!

  • Laurie

    I loved the pink elephant baby shower in the new ezine! I give a lot of parties and I’m also an elementary school librarian so the Silhouette would be used for all kinds of decorating. I probably would start with a banner to welcome students back to school.

  • Stephanie V.

    I would love the Silouette to make favors for my sons birthday party, paper crafts and sewing crafts.

  • Jessica Bolt

    There are SO many things I would I do with this machine. First, I would use it to etch my monogram into my new hanging wall vase!!!

  • I’m a fan of Party Dress on fb

  • Amanda

    I could do so much iwith the Siloutte. It would be so helpful for my wedding. I especially love all the paper crafts I could do.

  • Karen

    I would love to use the Silouette to make items for my home, crafts with my kids and lots of great things to use with my preschool kids I teach. My own kids are old enough and creative to use it themselves and help me learn to use it.

  • Karen

    I love the article that had the decorated cardboard cupcake stand! Awesome idea!!

  • Lynn Dorval

    I would make decals of all types and try out the etched glass!!

  • Sarah

    LABELS FOR EVERYTHING!! I have to move so my “new house” would be super organized and I’d print out labels. Also, I’d make tons of things for my son’s birthday, gifts and other super fun crafts! Whoo hoo!

  • Kasi

    I would love to win a Silhouette! I would definitely be able to make much prettier cards with this machine. Oh, and party decor!

  • Kasi

    I’m a fan of Silhouette on FB!

  • Alexis

    I would use it to make party favor boxes and bags, and lots of labels!

  • Jill

    This giveaway is fantastic!I have two girls one 6 and one 18,both equally as artistic.We all have different ideas from card making,to gifts for holidays and ornaments of all kinds.We are crossing our fingers to win!

  • SARA

    the first thing I would make would this would be a temporary tattoo. My daughter has really been into those lately, better than the real thing though!

  • Kristin

    would love to win this, i don’t even know where i would start! i’m a fan of the party dress on fb:)

  • Sarah D.

    I’m already a fan of both FB pages. In love with the Party Dress Magazine. Amazing Cover! My favorite is the Blue and White party! Beautiful work Kelly! :) I would love to win the Silhoutte to make some pretty accessories for my parties! :)

  • Kari S.

    I would love to win!! This summer is the summer for weddings and I loved the Bridal Bliss article. I loved the cupcakes and plan on making them for my friends shower coming up.I like the personalizing of the cupcake stand too. Thanks for the great giveaway and all of the great ideas.