March 14th, 2011 |

Colorful Candy Wreath

I have a fascination with candy wreaths.  Okay….let’s be honest, I have a fascination with all things candy and sweets!  But, there is nothing like a well-done candy wreath to really get me excited!  So you can understand my excitement when I found this darling idea from Country Living.  Made of pastel colored jordan almonds, this wreath is the perfect way to welcome Spring, and would make a sweet addition to any Easter celebration.

See the full tutorial here on Country Living.

P.S. Think past Easter, and consider using this concept to create color-coordinated decorations for any type of party.  You can purchase jordan almonds in bulk by color at our favorite online candy resource, Candy Warehouse.  Can’t you just picture a series of monochromatic wreaths hanging in a row as  a back drop to a dessert table!?

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2 comments to Colorful Candy Wreath

  • Andrea

    I’ve been thinking of buying a candy wreath – maybe I’ll make one instead!

  • Jesse

    This is such a cute idea. Is there a spray or something to use on the wreath to preserve it for the next year since you’re actually using candy? I have been checking out candy sites looking for ideas of other treats to put on the wreaths and well and this site has been pretty diverse with their easter candy. They also have Jordan Almonds that can be ordered in bulk in single colors, so we actually bought all pink and blue for when my sister was having a baby and hung the wreath on her door.