January 6th, 2011 |

Party Decor Inspired by a Chair

Yup.  You read that title correctly.  But there should really be a question mark after it.  I find inspiration for party themes all over the place – websites, magazines, paper shops, fabric – but a lot of times, it’s a single item that inspires me the most.  That being said….check out this chair!

Pretty fabulous right?!  I love how festive it is, but that it’s not too “fluffy” or “gussied up”!  It still has clean lines and looks modern.  It’s a great example on how to dress up rental chairs at a wedding, but can also be great inspiration for changing the look of your dining room chairs for any party at home.  Can’t you picture a purple and green bridal shower or birthday party?  Here are a few ideas to help inspire you……purple and green party inspirationWhat inspires you to throw parties or create party concepts?

Images: chair, napkins and cupcake (brides.com), macaroons (callmecupcake.se), purple centerpiece (matthewmeadstyle.com)

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