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Holiday Table Challenge: The Celebration Shoppe

Today’s Holiday Table Challenge entry comes from one of our long-time sponsors, Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. A stylish online party shoppe full of birthday, girlfriend gathering and holiday fun, The Celebration Shoppe not only offers up great designs and an easy-to-navigate shop making it simple for you to pull together a fabulous party, but Kim also offers her readers daily ideas on her blog…..baking, craft and party favor ideas, real parties and tons of inspiration!

Kim (and her little boys) came up with a darling idea for this table challenge… on for all of the details as told by Kim:

When the lovely Kelly asked me to participate in her holiday table challenge my first thought was “FUN!” and my second thought went to the man we all talk about this time of year, but likely spend little time styling a placesetting for. So with my little boys in tow and their blue eyes bright, we thought about what Santa’s placesetting for Christmas Eve should look like this year at our house. After some debate we agreed on a woodland theme and started wandering the house looking for natural items that we could use. Our first find was several huge pinecones the boys had been given by their uncle over the summer. We strung popcorn for the garland, and then we hot glued on the candy ornaments and the tiny star that we plucked from their playroom Christmas tree.

Taking the popcorn string one more step, we added chewy cherry sour balls and threaded it with green cross-stitch thread. (Tip: I recommend cleaning your needle between each candy chew with a moist paper towel.) Admittedly there was much more eating than threading on the kids’ part, but there were lots of giggles. My very favorite sound!

My oldest loves powdered donuts so we skewered a few on a lollipop stick (he of course had to test one out for his dessert that night) and tied it with a pretty red ribbon. We also chose some sugared tea cookies and a butter snowflake cookie from our partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage. And what better beverage for Santa placesetting than a bottle of Coca-Cola (since, after all, our modern day Santa is based off of the image they presented in their advertising from decades ago)?! We embellished the bottle with a lovely snowflake ornament and it was all set!  Last, but never least, the Christmas list must be very prominent near the plate. We wouldn’t want Santa to miss it! {wink} Merry Christmas everyone and as always, I hope you’re inspired!

Next we made this yarn pom pom Rudolph reindeer. I’m just in love with how he turned out, especially his acorn nose. The boys were so giggly while he was coming together. Admittedly a few pom poms ran off during the process, but he finally came together. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can make him too.

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3 comments to Holiday Table Challenge: The Celebration Shoppe

  • Thank you for featuring Kim Byers’ holiday table display. And to Kim, how precious that you had your boys as your co-stylists for this whimsical Christmas project! Wish I had the time to follow the tutorial for the pompom reindeer. He is too cute! Happy Holidays to all.

  • Kristie

    This placesetting is adorable! The DIY projects are so cute and simple — perfect for getting kids involved. And I love the retro feel of using a classic Coke bottle instead of the “predictable” glass of milk. Thanks for featuring Kim’s work!

  • Bridget

    We just did the adorable pom-pom reindeer. My kids just LOVED them! What better sound than little giggles as they make something fabulous!? Thanks for the feature.