December 10th, 2010 |

Holiday Table Challenge: Shauna Younge

Next up is our Holiday Table Challenge entry from the talented Shauna Younge.  Shauna Younge Dessert Tables is a Minneapolis-based dessert buffet design firm.  Each dessert table incorporates custom sweets and meticulous details that I simply drool over!  Known for her  attention to detail and unique designs, Shauna’s dessert tables never disappoint.  (check out her blog for daily inspiration and dessert eye candy!)  I was thrilled when Shauna told me she was planning a kid’s dessert table for our challenge…..and here are her pictures and description:

I designed this dessert table to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Although her birthday is in December, I didn’t want to rely on traditional red and green hues. I chose an unconventional fuschia, pink, and navy palette to create a festive, un-Christmas-y vibe.

Handcut snowflakes drift behind fondant-topped vanilla cupcakes, present favor boxes, graphic soft peppermints, and icy rock candy. I created custom evergreen tree favor containers to compliment the custom popcorn boxes, candy bar wrappers, and gingerbread cookie favors I designed.

Photography by Emily Steffen Photography

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