September 14th, 2010 |

{To-Die-For} Apple Recipes

I have apple-picking on the brain lately.  It’s the perfect fall activity for the young and old, and just think of all of the yummy food you can make with crisp, fresh apples!  I’ve created a list of 8 {must-have} recipes that I think will make your mouth water.

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3 comments to {To-Die-For} Apple Recipes

  • I’ll have to admit. I was looking at a lot of these recipes thinking “Sounds good, looks pretty”. but then I get to the bottom and see Apple and Cheddar Turnovers. Talk about salty sweet goodness. Thanks for the great find…I may be making those this weekend!

  • I went apple picking today and like everytime I go online, I go to this website and you have apple recipes! SO exciting! I am going to try some very soon!

  • I want the turkey/apple/brie sandwich NOW! Sounds delish. Thanks for posting.