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DIY: Fabric-Covered Ball Centerpiece

fabric covered ball centerpiece

I’m constantly on the search for a unique centerpiece idea for my home or upcoming parties.  On any given day, you can find a large bowl of something on one of my coffee tables….depending on the season, it could be full of lemons, apples, moss balls, ornaments….but boy, do I have a new idea!

This concept of making your own fabric balls first entered my radar when I saw Eddie Ross make them to decorate Kathie Lee Gifford’s house this holiday season.  He tore up old plaid shirts and wrapped styrofoam balls with them, filled bowls, hung them off garland.  Darling!  I love that it’s a new idea, but still kind of looks cozy, like something you would find in a country home.  Check out Eddie’s full post for directions on how to make them here.

Love the idea for Christmas.  But now, I have found inspiration all over….3-5 inch balls covered in bright, spring-y fabric (a bowl full of these would make the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower or birthday party!), 1-2 inch balls covered in fabric and used as vase filler for an apothecary jar, or tall vase.  You can keep the edges looking frayed, you could cut them with pinking shears for added detail, or you could created textured balls like the ones pictured above.

I love the look of these, and you can’t beat the price point for a centerpiece!  Head on over to your local craft/fabric store for some inspiration!

Images: plaid balls (eddieross.com), pink and zebra balls (bhg.com), mini balls (partyoffive.com), textured balls (knittygrittythoughts.com)

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