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Winter Wonderland Open House

winter wonderland open house

An open house can be a great opportunity to visit with friends and family during the Holidays.  Because your guests can come and go as they please, it becomes a very approachable party…..they can stop by for an hour and move on to another party, or stay and enjoy the evening… seems like everyone can fit it into their busy Holiday schedule in one way or another!

Instead of sticking with the traditional red and green color palette, try straying a bit…..use white as your main color, and throw in some chocolate brown, icy blue and maybe a touch of red.  The effect will be sophisticated and whimsical all rolled into one party!  Invite your guests with this sophisticated invitation from Tiny Prints.  Take your decorating cues from the invitation and use white feathers to enhance your home.  White  feather wreaths hanging in windows, feather trees sitting atop your buffet table….these whimsical touches will help you to create a beautiful winter wonderland, and put a different spin on Holiday decorating!

Speaking of your buffet table…. hors d’oeuvres and desserts work best for an open house party (things that are easy to eat, and can sit out for a couple hours).  I challenge you to get creative with your food presentation!  Serve your treats in covered cake plates and glass cloches, line your white trays with coordinating scrapbook paper, and make sure to organize your table with thought.

If you are looking for a cute, little party favor to send your guests home with,  a snowflake wine stopper would fit our theme perfectly!  You could get really cute with your presentation too…..set up a small Christmas tree with white lights by your front door, and hang the snowflake wine stoppers on it like ornaments.  Instead of placing a star or angel at the top of the tree, place a sign that says “thanks for coming to our party!”

Stay tuned for some yummy recipes for hors d’oeuvres and desserts for all of your holiday parties!

Images: invitation (, table (, white feather wreath (, white marshmallow pops (, snowflake wine stopper (, nickel cake plate with glass cloche (The Party Dress via

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