December 16th, 2009 |

Welcome Lights

Holiday LanternsHave you ever heard of “welcome lights?”  A fairly new concept to me, but my husband’s grandmother explained to me that the candlestick lights that people place in their windows at night (predominantly during the Holiday season) are a sign to your “callers” that your home is welcoming visitors.  Although a very traditional concept, a lovely one at that.  The more I drive around looking at Christmas lights, the more aware I am of these now.

I love the idea of taking this concept and adding a modern spin to it.  Instead of placing candlestick lights in your window, decorate the front of your house with lanterns.  Hang them, line your front path with them……the more you have, the more impact you will make.  You can get creative with your “lanterns” too.  Instead of using traditional ones, trying using clear glass vases, or hang square vases full of candles on strands of ribbon.  The effect will be stunning, your home will truly glow…..and your guests will certainly know they are welcome!

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