December 7th, 2009 |

Packaging Ideas for Holiday Treats

packaging ideas for holiday treats

Once you have completed all of your holiday baking, you have to come up with a unique concept for packaging your gifts.  You can use tin cans, paper boxes, cellophane bags stuffed into a holiday mug…..I hope these images inspire you to get really creative with it!

Images: box with joy tag (, tin can with bow (, fabric covered box, tin can with stripe ribbon, mug (, loaves of bread (

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1 comment to Packaging Ideas for Holiday Treats

  • I have been enjoying baking but get put off very easiliy…like these Raibow cookies! My husband LOVES them so I checked out the recipe and got scared right away. What the heck are glossy peaks?? lol :( I guess it’s a bit out of my league! Love your blog though!