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Stunning Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

I don’t know what it is lately…..maybe it’s the fact that I actually have a house to decorate now…..but I am just obsessed with cool wreaths!  Not only are they a lovely addition to your front door, but they can dress up a plain wall, hang in an open window…’s the perfect touch of Christmas for any room!

I love that each one of these has an unusual look for the traditional wreath.  Somewhat unexpected in design, but absolutely stunning in my opinion.  I think they encourage us to think outside the box…..freeze cranberries in a large jello mold and hang outside with ribbon (make sure it’s a really cold day!).  Cover a styrofoam wreath with red roses and carnations, and add in a touch of moss and a few fresh brussel sprouts for a touch of color.  If you are looking for a green wreath with a contemporary feel, try using lily grass instead of using spruce boughs.  I love the look of this wreath!  Click here for the full instructions from Better Homes and Gardens.

Does anyone have any creative wreath ideas?!  E-mail me your pictures and we’ll put a post together of all of your creative ideas!

Images: cranberry ice wreath and red roses wreath (, green lily grass wreath (

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