September 7th, 2009 |

Celebrate The Harvest: Wine & Cheese Party

wine and cheese party

Fall is the perfect time to host a wine and cheese party.  It’s about that time to bring your entertaining back indoors, so why not invite friends over to cozy up with a fire, some fabulous wines, and create a cheese assortment that any die-hard fan would fall in love with?!

For this type of party, presentation is key and it is just as important as your wine and cheese selection.  Think of presenting your cheeses in the same thoughtful manner as you would set a beautiful table.  Thoughtful, decorative, with a cohesive look and feel.  Get creative with your serving pieces…..use slabs of slate, a wood lazy susan, or even an upside down wine barrel.  Try to limit your cheeses to 3 per serving dish, and add in a few accompaniments such as grapes, walnuts, fresh figs, and prosciutto.    You should also place a basket with sliced bread, crackers and bread sticks near the cheese selection.

Let’s talk supplies…..I already mentioned slate cheese plates, and wood lazy susans.  If you are going to be serving a variety of cheeses, definitely invest in cheese tags (it looks charming, and makes it easier for your guests to know what they are tasting!).  Small appetizer plates, and cocktail napkins are key.  I found these beautiful wine label appetizer plates that would be just perfect (click here)!  Don’t forget to have extra wine glasses on hand, if you will be offering your guests different wines to try.  This isn’t the time to pull out the crystal….so if you throw a lot of parties, invest in an inexpensive set of wine glasses.  You can buy them from IKEA or Amazon, and I bet you find that you will use them time and time again.


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