July 2nd, 2009 |

Rainy Day Topiaries

Umbrella Topiary

These bright and cheery topiaries are perfect for a rainy day brunch or a summer bridal shower!  All you need are two styrofoam topiary forms (overall height 18 inches with 6-inch-diameter globes) and a box of paper umbrellas.

A couple of tips:

  • Insert the umbrellas in a partially open position to make the finished piece look textured and 3-dimensional.
  • Inserted all of the orange, pink, and yellow parasols first and then “cover up” the areas between them (where the globe shows through) with green parasols.
  • To add a finished look to the stem of the topiary, wrap it with a length of ribbon, pinning it into the styrofoam at the top and the bottom.

These topiaries look bright, cheery, and very summery! Unlike real topiaries, these will only cost $10 to make the two.

Umbrella Topiary How Tovia Craft Stylish

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