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A Birthday Celebration with an Asian Flair

Asian Flair Birthday Party

Looking to throw a birthday party with a festive theme?

Try using an Asian theme…complete with paper lanterns, chopsticks and fortune cookies!

Set the stage for your celebration by setting up one long table and hanging paper lanterns above it to define the space.  Use shades of red, orange and pink, with accents of gold to set your table.  Try tying wooden chopsticks to your napkins with a simple ribbon.  There are two options for placecards – and I can’t decide which is my favorite!  You could do a classic paper card with Asian script on it – or you could use these darling silver fortune cookies from Beau-Coup.

asian-flair-fortune-cookiesAn Asian dinner would not be complete without noodles!  Set up a noodle bar complete with sliced veggies, crushed peanuts and different sauces.  As a compliment, serve lemongrass shrimp skewers, Asian braised short ribs, and for dessert – create custom fortune cookies!

Make sure to create an inviting seating area for your guests to relax after dinner,  sip on Sake and at night you can light fireworks (if the season’s right and you have someone willing to control the activity). Decorate the area with bamboo mats, and vases full of bamboo shoots, and more paper lanterns.

As a favor for your guests, package items in a Chinese food take-out boxes instead of traditional gift bags. Stuff them with  fortune cookies, inexpensive paper fans, Chinese yo-yos and pocket-size Chinese checkers.

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