April 14th, 2009 |

Napkin of the Week: Tied with a Flower


I love, love, love this week’s Napkin of the Week.  Found in one of my favorite party planning books, Napkins with a Twist, this napkin would bring springtime cheer to any table.  You could really adapt this idea to any color palette or use different types of flowers.  I think this particular combination is so striking because of the use of one color, just different hues.

Solid color napkins are readily available – I found a few at Pottery Barn and Amazon.com.  The construction of this is simple – simply lay the napkin out in a flat square, pinch the center of the napkin and pull up.  Gather together about 3 inches down from the top of the point, and tie with a ribbon.  After you tie your bow, insert a flower.  Voila!

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    Looove your napkin of the week! That flower is so beautiful! And with all the different colored flowers out there, you will never run out of options. For dinners or small parties, the flower would also serve as a good give-away for your guest. Or press the flower and attach it to some recyclable paper and you’ve got your thank you cards!