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Ladybug Birthday Party for your Little Lady!

Ladybug Party (small)

This smart little party idea will have you seeing spots–and a lot of smiles.  Decorate the front of your house with red balloons covered with black circle stickers, and greet each child at the door with her own set of antennae – made of a headband, pipe cleaners and Styrofoam balls.


For a younger bunch of girls, it’s important to keep them busy with some games or activities.

  • Cut out a red bug out of posterboard and play “stick the spot on the ladybug”.
  • Have a jitterbug dance party – at this age, they won’t know the steps; just put on some music and let them make it up as they go.
  • Have them decorate bug catchers and run around the yard catching ladybugs and fireflies.

For birthday treats, serve up ladybug cupcakes and chocolate covered oreo lollipops!

There are tons of great ladybug toys and treats out there to fill up adorable goodie bags.  I found this cute stuff at Oriental Trading.

Ladybug Goodie Bags (small)

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2 comments to Ladybug Birthday Party for your Little Lady!

  • Aimee Kuch

    How do I order the ladybug bubbles and a couple of other items? How long will it take to arrive. I am in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and I need them for August 5th

    Thank you.

  • admin

    Hi, Aimee,

    The ladybug bubbles and other party favors are all available thru Check it out – they are a great source!

    Good luck with your party!