February 18th, 2009 |

The Look of Luxe for Less


With everyone a little nervous about the economy these days, people are entertaining friends at home more than ever before.

Bridalguide.com has some fabulous suggestions for setting your table…..here are some ideas for getting the most bang for your buck:


  • Use color to get a posh effect. Using a rich hue such as chocolate brown or deep eggplant can give any color palette a stylish look without costing you any extra green stuff. They work with a variety of shades like apple green, light blue, orange, pink or red.
  • Set your table with colored or patterned china instead of standard white.


  • Accent your table with pretty napkin rings.
  • Top each napkin with a single bloom and tie with a coordinating ribbon.
  • Fold it fancy. One option: Fold the napkin to create a pocket to hold a menu.


  • Use ribbon to upgrade candleholders.
  • Instead of using clear glass votive holders, try colored or etched ones. Try your local crafts store or candles4less.com, where you can get a box of 12 for $5.
  • Glow on! “Use candlelight to give your room a rich, romantic look, it’s highly affordable.”


  • To make flower arrangements seem grander and more stylish for just a few dollars, wrap inexpensive glass containers in handmade paper, wallpaper or fabric and add a ribbon.
  • A fresh centerpiece idea: Fill clear containers with sliced limes, lemons or oranges. In the center of the fruit, place a tall glass with a votive to illuminate the arrangement.
  • Use natural elements with earthy, upscale appeal. Try filling a two- to three-foot-high vase with a base of river rocks and adding dramatic branches of curly willow. Place these arrangements at the entrance to your party or on your table.


  • Instead of a budget-busting full bar, offer your guests a signature cocktail, in addition to wine and beer.
  • Have a cocktail party instead of a sit down dinner, but be cost-conscious by focusing on a beautiful display rather than tons and tons of food.
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