February 27th, 2009 |

Boho Chic – A Little Girl’s Birthday Party

little-boho-girls-birthday-party-copyI think this is the perfect birthday party for a free-spirited little girl!  I picture a feisty, red-headed birthday girl, running around the backyard in a tutu and barefeet…..

Paper lanterns and stars hanging over the festive table, cupcakes and candy galore, a yard decorated with blossom balloons (see Martha Stewart for directions on how-to), and special goody bags to take home….what more could any little girl ask for?!

Packed full of bright colors and fun details….your little girl is sure to be the envy of the block!

Images: flowers (weddingbeepro.com), table setting (socialcouture.com), fairy cupcake (via sugarbloom), flower balloons (marthastewart.com), rock candy (amyatlas.com), blue bottles (brides.com) and festive goodie bags (marthastewart.com)

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